What is the best way to make my home look more contemporary with modern interior design?

The contemporary style borders on minimalism, focusing on clean lines and contemporary high-end furniture in a space free of clutter. Less is more in contemporary design. The space around the furniture is as important as the furniture itself. For items you need to keep, store them in simple, attractive containers.

Read more here for tips for tidying up your home and listen to our podcast about the expectations and reality of tidying the Marie Kondo way. The empty space on the walls, between furniture and above in the upper areas, becomes as important as the areas full of objects. In contemporary interiors, less is more. Each piece stands out for being individual and unique.

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Before creating your modern home, it's important to choose between the different design styles of modern homes to help guide your design process. While modern interiors are sometimes thought of as cold and minimalistic, in today's homes, contemporary interiors are comfortable and cozy without being cluttered and dark. Modern living rooms often have a combination of seats instead of a single sofa to help give the space the balanced feel that modern design seeks. Triangular coffee tables are popular in mid-century modern style, while square washbasins give homes a modern farmhouse feel.

Metallic elements are perfect to enhance any modern interior because they help add texture and dimension to your space.

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