How do you mix modern art with traditional furniture?

Traditional and modern styles can be vastly distinct from each other, making it a challenge to properly combine them. The trick is to allow one style to take the lead in your space; determine which look best suits your area and let that dictate the kind of furniture you choose. By doing this, you'll ensure that both designs are harmoniously blended together!

To establish your own style, combine elements from traditional and modern interior design styles. With this combination of the two, you can create a classic space with contemporary details or give an updated look to timeless pieces. You will have an original home that stands out among others! Many misconstrue modern design as being synonymous with contemporary; however, they are quite distinct. Modern design incorporates unique features while keeping its core fundamentals intact through time.

The key is to strike the right balance between the two. One way to do this is by selecting modern art pieces that complement the color palette and overall style of your traditional furniture. Another approach is to use modern art as a focal point in a room filled with traditional furnishings. For more tips on blending modern art with traditional furniture, check out this helpful article from Interiors by Studio Aging in Place. It offers practical advice on how to create a cohesive and harmonious look in your home.

Incorporating specific design elements and features that cater to the needs of aging individuals is crucial when selecting furniture for an aging in place design. Furniture with rounded edges and soft fabrics can make a space safer and more comfortable for those with mobility issues. Additionally, choosing calming colors and low-contrast patterns can create a more peaceful and welcoming environment. By combining traditional and modern styles and choosing furniture with care, you can create a space that's both stylish and practical, allowing you or your loved ones to age in place with ease.

To attain the perfect setup, the interior design specialists at San Francisco Design in Utah have compiled some expert tips to help you mix traditional and modern furniture.

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