What is the best way to incorporate modern elements into my existing interior design?

Consider the lighting of your living spaces. Create a focal point in ideal locations. The traditional and modern decor differ drastically. That's why the key to making the mix work is to let one style dominate the space.

Decide which style best fits your space and let it govern your furniture choices. Then, you can mix some elements from the other style. Once you discover it, you'll have a traditional space with modern details or a modernized design with traditional pieces. Modern lighting and art can help you incorporate more traditional-style pieces into a modern interior.

A contemporary lamp placed on an old desk, for example, can create a dynamic combination. A vintage dresser with a modern painting hanging at the top will help bring the two styles together. A traditional lamp placed on a side table next to a modern and informal sofa like our Marcus can add a layer of visual interest to the space. 

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However, know when to opt for modern conveniences over traditional charms. When mixing antiques and contemporary pieces, it's important to know when to choose modern amenities over traditional charms. Instead of maintaining the traditional look of the family home, you can opt for a mainly modern interior. Modern classic interiors prioritize comfort, but they're not afraid to go the extra mile with bold colors, fun designs and eye-catching details.

Modern design is one of the most misunderstood styles in interior design, and people often use it to define contemporary design. One of the benefits of combining traditional and modern interior design styles is developing a personal style that you won't see in other homes. However, keeping some of your pieces and mixing them with modern furniture that better suits the size of your interior and your new lifestyle has its advantages. Likewise, a modern coffee table in a totally traditional interior will look out of place and confuse the eye.

While all the elements of interior design should be combined, it is recommended to mix modern and traditional furniture to achieve an unexpected contrast.

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