What are the most popular colors used in modern interior design?

The most common color for a modern decor scheme is white, but it can be any shade of gray, tan, blue, or red. This year's color trends explore all types of colors, from earthy neutrals to stunning deep pinks and reds. Are you looking for a more modern coastal environment? Blue, tan and gray are for you. As the reigning champion of interior painting, white is a color that transcends both time and decoration styles.

White can make a room feel bright, fresh and up to date in environments that range from modern to traditional. Its discreet elegance provides a blank canvas to decorate, allowing brightly colored details to take center stage. Popular interior designs, decorating ideas, modern wallpaper patterns, paint colors, and decorative accessories will look brighter and more optimistic at the time of positive changes in the world, and will be more intimate and comforting during dramatic events and slow economies. It's bright, but the clean notes of red make it look vintage and therefore timeless in modern interiors.

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Modern interior paint colors bring a contemporary touch to homes and add freshness and style to traditional and eclectic living spaces. After working in the interior industry for several years, in numerous publications, he is now honing his digital skills on the “best interior website” in the world. Interior decoration trends closely follow fashion trends, giving fashion design expert and DIY enthusiast Cyndy Aldred professional experience and a keen eye for interior color palettes.

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